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My Design Process

Design Process: Welcome

A Mood Project

This theatre space was a design project I created for my Creativity and the Art of Design and Production class. For this project, we must choose a negative or positive stage design based around a word.

The word I choose was "Haunting", hence the name.

This project needed to be an abstract design, so I couldn't use ghosts or graveyards to get the mood across like I had first imagined. I had to do some evocative research and take inspiration of what other artists and designers have done to create a haunting mood through their art and designs.

Haunting Preliminary Sketches

The next step of my process was creating a preliminary design, and experimenting with some ideas of what to make.

I knew right off the bat that I wanted two side pieces that framed my image, as well as a theme of spikes.

As I developed the idea further, I created a more centered image, surrounded by spikes in a circular pattern. The center image was a curved organic shape that was repeated, along with a darker shading in the background of the center.

With a solid idea I put together thanks to my preliminary designs, I started to think about color and shading to put into my piece. I wanted to use cooler tones, as well as rather unsaturated hues. I decided upon mostly grays and blacks, with hints of blue in the center and dark purples along the framing pieces.

From there, I drew out my final design for this project. The colors worked well together, and I thought the shading and gradients worked well together to bring the eye towards the focal point of the piece placed in the center.

Haunting Final Design
Haunting Preliminary Model

Finally, I made my ideas into a model. First, I created a replica model of the Briggs Theatre in the University of Kentucky's College of Fine Arts. I used black foamboard to create this model to use as base for my design.

I used paper, hot glue and tape to put the idea into action. I originally was going to use watercolor to color everything, but I tried colored pencils and liked the grainy effect it gave.

Design Process: Projects

Finally, I put the image into photoshop and edited the lighting to better emphasis the focal point. And that's the finished project!

Haunting Final Model
Design Process: Image
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