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Alice's Travel Suit

Bright Star

I was a First Hand and Costume Stitcher for Bright Star. My large project for this musical was a build of one of the main character's costumes, Alice; a matching jacket and skirt outfit from the 1920's. This build was difficult due to the many scallops that lined the jacket and skirt. It only got more difficult as I had to build it out of a thick wool, so pressing these scallops down flat and making them rounded was even more demanding.

The skirt is connected to a camisole, a common piece found in 1920's. The skirt not only also has scallops and buttons lining the front, but has multiple pleats around the front and back.

Regardless, with the guidance of the Costume Director and Draper in the shop, it was an extremely fun build. Being able to see something I created up on the stage and being worn by the main character of the musical is extremely rewarding, and I can't wait to be doing this for the rest of my life.

Alice's Travel Suit: About

Close Up Photos

Full Alice Costume
Full Alice Costume
Full Alice Costume
Alice Camisole Skirt
Jacket Collar Scallops Close Up
Jacket Sleeve Cuff Close Up
Camisole Skirt
Skirt Scallops and Buttons Close Up
Skirt Pleats Close Up
Alice's Travel Suit: Portfolio

Production Photos

Photography done by Mark Cornelison

Alice's Travel Suit: Portfolio
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