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Bright Star

Written and composed by Steve Martin and Edie Brickel; Directed by Stephen Wrentmore

I was the Assistant Costume Designer under Nelson Fields. I primarily organized the designer's notes from meetings and practices, communicated between the designer and costume shop, and aided in fittings and costume tech. Nelson Fields truly took me under his wing for this production. I would have never been set on the path I am on now without his guidance. He saw little freshman me and decided to give me a chance to learn his process, and I could not be

more grateful. This show not only made me fall in love with

costuming, but taught me more than any other show has.

Bright Star: Welcome

For this musical, I was given the opportunity to design the costumes for the band who were being placed center stage. They were all told to wear their own blue jeans and nondescript shoes, and I put together their top half. I kept the focus on the banjo, dressed in a predominated white top half, because the banjo is the most important instrument for this musical. The rest were dressed in muted blues, browns, and greys to not draw much attention in and stay neutral between the time changes throughout this play, while also tying together the colors from the actors in a subtle way.

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