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Name! That! Sin!

Written by Aliana Pignato; Directed by Aden Amburgey

Name! That! Sin! is a show written by another student from University of Kentucky! Alaina is a good friend of mine, so when she asked me to be her costume designer, I didn't hesitate to say yes. And of course, the play itself was such a fun idea to design! The show is centered around Lucifer's game show that gives a chance for the newly dead to guess their greatest sin for a path to redemption. His newest contestant Monroe struggles to guess his sin, while attempting to not be distracted by Lucifer's "devilishly good looks." Our production gender swapped the characters!

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What's Studio Season?

UK's Department of Theatre and Dance has a unique program called "studio season," which allows students to submit shows that are 50 minutes or less to be produced entirely by students. Name! That! Sin! was accepted to be part of Studio Season's Fall of 2023 season. It was a completely new experience working alongside fellow students without professors breathing down our throats. This process is the closest I've felt to what a production in the field will feel like. While it was difficult as I was doing it all on my own, I feel as if this process taught me much more than I could have ever expected.

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Production Photos

I wanted Lucifer to lean into the general characterized versions of himself, but more refined and more like a game show host! Monroe had his own aesthetic, and despite the script saying he died by slipping in the shower, he wears more comfortable clothing. We added a third, non-speaking character, that played Lucifer's henchman who generally brought up props, added to the laughs, and did the hard work Lucifer didn't want to do throughout the show.

Photograpy done by Brady Saylor

Name that Sin - October 25, 2023 - 6152.jpg
Name that Sin - October 25, 2023 - 6271.jpg
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